Saffron history

Some believes that the origin of saffron is from the ancient land of Medes of Iran, some researchers believes that the origin of saffron is from the vast areas of world including Greece, Turkey, Minor Asia and Iran. The Iranian while exporting saffron to most of he areas of ancient world, have introduced its properties to Greeks, (more…)

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Saffron Types and Grades

Saffron has different types which every country has different names for them in the follow, we explain classification of three important country producers:  


Saffron is usually classified into different types as follow in Iran Markets: (more…)

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About us

Atlas Saffron Abiz Company glory that with support of 20 years experience in field of cultivation, production, sorting, packing, selling and exporting saffron in Iran, would give the best quality of saffron from different areas of South Khorasan and Razavi Khorasan especially from Qaenat land  of Iran to his customers. (more…)

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